:::SOS Children’s Village Association of Jordan:::

In 1949 Hermann Gmeiner founded the first SOS Children’s Village in Imst, Austria. His successful idea became well – known worldwide and agreed upon by different cultures and religions. The goal of the SOS Children’s Villages, is to provide the orphans and abandoned children with a mother and a family in a home within a group of houses in the SOS village integrated in the local community.

Similar to other societies around the world, in Jordan, there are children who cannot live with their natural parents for several reasons such as; social circumstances, natural disasters or accidents. In cooperation with the Ministry of Social Development, such children are placed in the care of SOS Children’s Village Association of Jordan, to provide them with a new permanent home in a family-based environment up to the age of 18, to secure a better future for them.

SOS Children’s Village Association of Jordan is a local, private, non-political and non-denominational welfare organization. It was established in 1984. SOS Children’s Village Association of Jordan cares for orphaned and destitute Jordanian children.