SOS Children

The goal of SOS Children ‘s Villages is to communicate to the children values that are in keeping with the culture of their country, to give them access to a good education and training, and prepare them for a life of self-reliance. When they leave the SOS village as young adults, they should be able to stand on their own feet and achieve financial independence and social integration.

In each of the three villages, the Village Director represents the role of the father who lives within the village premises with his natural family. He has overall responsibility for the SOS Children’s Village including social and academic development of the children. He initiates targeted measures to enhance relationships among the children in the village and between the SOS Children of the village and the local society. The Village Director works in cooperation with the Pedagogical Team consisting of educators, social workers, psychiatrists and mothers.

Children live like any natural family in the village. They go to school, do their homework, play with their brothers and sisters. They feel protected being in a family with a warm loving mother who takes care of them. The village accepts orphaned children with ages ranging between toddlers and 10 years old.

The SOS Aunt, in every SOS Village, lives in the village to replace the mother in her absence and helps in raising the children.