success story

“My life has a meaning now, I work and this means I can depend on myself. I owe this to Mama Zakieh and to the SOS Children’s Village which helps many orphaned and destitute children by positively twisting their fate. ”

SOS Children’s Village is and will always be the place for Jordanian orphaned children to come to, especially when a family loses the mother.

It is the story of a family of two brothers and three sisters: Hammoudeh, Akram, Rana, Randa and Rida who joined SOS in September 7, 1986.

After the death of their mother and the severe sickness of the father, the family then had nobody to care for them and provide them with a good and secure life.

SOS Children’s Village Association never fails in responding to such humane cases. All five children were admitted to SOS Children’s Village Amman through the Ministry of Social Development and lived together in the same SOS house with Mama Zakkieh.

Rana who’s now 22 years old works as an executive Secretary in a well reputable architectural company in Amman, tells the story:

“When we lost our mother, my eldest brother Hammoudeh was only 9 years old, I was 7 , Akram 6, Randa 3 and Rida still a baby …we could not live with our father who was very sick at that time and he couldn’t raise five children and promise them a good family life.

We joined SOS Children’s Village Amman in 1986. We lived with Mama Zakkieh who had another 4 children and we became one family.

We lived a normal life like any other family in Jordan. My mother was so loving and caring ….she is the warmest person I have ever seen …as I was the eldest daughter, I always liked to help her in the kitchen and the house. She is the one who taught me how to face challenges in life ..and insisted that we’re not different from other children. Mama Zakkieh was both our mother and father … she taught me the right principles and good manners and I will always remember the ethics I learned from her which helps me a lot in my present life, at work and at home ….

In Ramadan, I remember very well that we used to gather at the table with my brothers and sisters for Iftar …it was a great time to spend at home and a time I will always cherish. My mother is such a good cook!! I miss her food !

Mama Zakkieh helped us a lot in our studies and she supported us morally and educationally during exams….I will never forget the role of the Village Director, he was like a father to us …he was so loving and respectable. I will always remember how he used to attend our parents meeting at school and we still call him “baba”